Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Why did Dredd fail at the box office? Research

Pre Production
1.Who were the films producer, distributor and script writer? (try and find other films by these groups)
Alex Garland
2.Who are Lionsgate (who owns them?)
Founded by Frank Giustra
3.Who are IM Global (who owns them?)
Founded by Stuart Ford
4.Who are DNA films (who owns them and who partnered with them?) 
Founded by Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald
5.How was the funding for DNA originally split?
$25 from each DNA and Fox Searchlight
6.Why did they need to maintain their relationship with Fox Searchlight?

7.When did Lionsgate announce their three picture deal with IM Global?
November 2010
8.Where did Carl Urban announce his role in Dredd?
9.Why might this have helped attract the film's target audience
Lots of Marvel fans go to comic-con and will be interested in watching a new Marvel film
10.How much money did Dredd make from pre sales (this is people buying the right to show your film)?
$30 million plus
11.How much did a distributer pay for the rights to show the film in the UK?
$7 million
12.Where was the movie filmed?
Cape town, South Africa
1.When was the 'lawmaker' gun built and designed?

Some time in 2010 as filming began in November 2010. It was designed around a 9mm firing system
2.During which other UK film was the 'slo mo' sequences designed?
Never Let Me Go
3.How did the film makers feel about making an 18 certificate film?
Glad it wasn't diluted down to make it a lower rating so they could get more money.
4.How long did it take to film Dredd?

About 13 weeks
5.Which camera was used to film Dredd?
RED MX cameras and SI2Ks, Phantom Flex high-speed, and multiple rigs shooting
6.Why did they need to create new camera rigs

So they could film very close to the action

Post production
1.What issue affected the films editing?
 There was a creative disagreement between producers and executive

Distribution and marketing
1.How many cinemas was Dredd released in and how many ONLY showed it in 3D?
2,506 cinemas. 2,200 only 3D.
2.How did producers begin promoting Dredd3D
Lionsgate joined with publishers 2000AD and Motion Comic to create an online prequel comic strip for Dredd
3.What viral marketing campaign did the producers use for Dredd?
They created a website with special features, information about the characters and slo-mo and the prequel comic strip
4.The film premiered at Fantastic Fest, what is it and why would this appeal to the films target audience?
Annual film festival in Texas. Lots of the films are the same kind of genre and Dredd would appeal to the audience there
5.Which awards did the films marketing campaign win?
The marketing campaign won a Golden Trailer Award
6.How much money did the film gross at the box office?
In the UK it grossed £1.05 million
7.What unusual step did the film's UK distributors take to ensure people watched in 3D?
It was shown in 3D in most cinemas and those that requested 2D versions were denied
8.What percentage of audiences are physically incapable of seeing a 3D image?

10% of people cannot see films in 3D
9.What % of light is lost in a 3D film?
Up to 88% of light can be lost in a 3D film
10.Which film was Dredd unfortunate to be released after?
The Raid which had a very similar storyline but was much more popular
11.In the UK which position in the DVD charts did Dredd occupy?
It reached number 1 in DVD sales in the UK
12.What might this show about the decision to allow only a 3D release
That people wanted to watch it but not in 3D at the cinemas as it is more expensive so they waited for the DVD and watched the 2D copy instead
13.In the US which audience demographic was the largest?
14.How many units did Dredd sell on DVD/Blu-ray in the US?
650,000 units were sold in North America
15.How much money did this bring in?
$10 million was made in home media sales in the US

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