Sunday, 28 September 2014

Stereotypes of gender


What is the stereotypical male?

·         Viewed as more dominate

·         Stronger

·         Protective

·         Masculine

·         Bossy / In charge of the house

·         Commit more crimes

·         More violent

·         Competitive – Top Gear (Between the 3 hosts)

·         Common interests such as cars - E.g Most Top Gear viewers are male

Shows that include stereotypical males include:

Top Gear- Competitive and common interests such as cars (Jeremy Clarkson)

Robin Hood- Dominant, protective (Robin Hood) and stronger (Little John)

Merlin- Bossy and masculine (Arthur Pendragon)

Sherlock- Commit more crimes (Jim Moriarty and Charles Augustus Magnussen)



The stereotypical view on females

·         Viewed as weaker

·         Traditionally housewives

·         Emotional

·         Feminine

·         Bad drivers

·         Controlled by others sometimes by religion

·         Caring and sympathetic

·         Primarily raises the child

·         Fashion always up to date

·         More sociable

·         Complicate things

Shows that include stereotypical women include:

Merlin- Feminine, controlled by men and typical housewife (Guinevere)

Robin Hood- Caring and sympathetic (Marion)

The Paradise- Complicate things, sociable and fashionable


Stereotypical view on transsexual

·         Outcast / Rejected from society

·         Usually lesbians but mostly gay men

·         Called Impersonators

·         Viewed as prostitutes

·         Low Lifestyle

·         Hidden from society

Some TV shows include transsexual stereotypes such as:

Ugly Betty- Outcast (Alex Meade/Alexis Meade)

However some TV series also include characters that defy the stereotypes such as:

Ugly Betty- Female character (Betty Suarez) is more dominant and bossy and not fashionable. Transsexual character has a very good job and is not hidden from society (Alexis Meade)

Merlin- Female character (Morgana) is violent, commits more crimes and is stronger

Sherlock- Male characters are confusing and complicated (Sherlock Holmes) and caring and sympathetic (John Watson)

Star Trek- Includes lots of female characters that are very clever, dominant, bossy and good at technical and confusing jobs (Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi)

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