Wednesday, 10 September 2014

British film industry research

1. What % of global box office was the British film industry responsible for?
2. What was this % in 2009?
3. What might this change indicate about British film?
That they are getting better and making more money
4. What films have been responsible for this change?
Films like Skyfall and The Kings Speech
5. What % of the British film industry makes a profit?
6. What % of Hollywood films make a profit?
7. How does that % differ between £2m and £10m budget British films?
From 4% to 17%
8. What might we infer from this difference?
The more the film cots to make the more money it takes from the box office.
9. Which age group makes up the largest % of UK cinema goers?
7-24 year olds
10. Why do you think this might be?
Because there are often lot of children's animations and action films released for this age group
11. Which 'type' of film has seen an 18% drop in attendance?
3D films
12. Within that 'type' which genre has seen the biggest fall?
13. What did Charles Grant put this decline down to?
14. Who is Paul Greengrass?
A British film director
15. How did he describe the British film industry?
A Success story
16. What did a BFI spokesperson say was the point of less profitable low budget British films?
They are useful for things like training development and artistic and cultural importance.
17. What was the budget for Filth and how much money did it take?
£4m in the box office (over twice the budget)
18. What advantage did James McEvoy feel £100m films have over low budget films?
They have enough money to advertise so people can easily find out about it.
19. What is VOD?
Video on Demand
20. What % increase did VOD see last year?
21. What impact might VOD have on distributers and Studios?
It will make them less important which will give smaller companies a chance
22. What impact has it had on Blockbuster rental stores?
They are not getting as many sales as people can use the internet to download them or buy them online
23. What was unique about Ben Wheatleys 'A Field In England'?
It was released in cinemas, on TV, on DVD and through Video on demand all at the same time
24. What does director of The Machine Caradog James think is the toughest part of film making?
Reaching out to the audience to try and get them to see the film
25. Why have rules been relaxed on what makes a film 'British'?
To encourage more investment in the UK film industry
26. How has the use of visual effects in films been encouraged?
Sony has opened a centre where you can go for formal courses and informal drop in sessions on special effects and camera work
27. Name five of these rules and link them to The Kings Speech, Kill List, The World's End
Main language of the film is English
Actors are English
Director is English
The film is about  England
It is filmed in the UK

The King's Speech is about a king of England
The World's End has three main actors that are British along with other British supporting actors -Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman
Kill list was filmed in England
28. What rules has chancellor George Osbourne announced for tax on British films?
Tax relief will be increased to 25% on the first £20m of qualifying production expenditure
29. What is the highest grossing film in UK box office history?
30. How much has it taken and how many screens was it available on?
£540m globally. it was shown in 587 cinemas in the UK and Ireland

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  1. Rebecca, as I am commenting on everyone's blogs, the ability to convert these facts into an opinion is crucial. You really need to engage with the film industry and form an opinion of its purpose, is it art, is it commerce or does it need to be a mixture of the two? You also need to think about whether we need the UK to make more films like Hollywood or whether we should strive to be different (this will obviously hinge on your opinions on the above).