Monday, 13 October 2014

TV drama gender representation

Chosen TV drama: Sherlock

Representation of males in this TV drama
The main character in this TV drama is Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective who solves crimes when the police can't. In Sherlock he is shown to be very smartly dressed and thinks highly of himself. Sherlock is highly intelligent and often gets into tricky and dangerous situations. Usually in these situations a stereotypical male lead would fight his way out probably killing anyone in his way but Sherlock is clever and manipulates his way out of things using his brain instead of brute strength.

Sherlock doesn't really follow the stereotype as he is quite antisocial and a bit of a geek. Jim Moriarty is the main villain in Sherlock and he too is unlike other villains as he is very clever and is good at manipulating people instead of just killing them. He uses his power to manipulate Sherlock into killing himself whereas a stereotypical villain would just try and outright kill the main character. However he does follow the serotype that in most situations the villain is male and very aggressive and angry.

Representation of females in this TV drama
In Sherlock there is a character called Molly who works at a hospital and is friends with Sherlock. She is in some ways stereotypical as she likes to look nice and cares about fashion. She helps Sherlock out sometimes and is very kind and caring and a typical girl who likes Sherlock. There is another villain in Sherlock called Irene Adler who calls herself the dominatrix. She defies the normal stereotype as she is a female villain when villains are usually male. She also is manipulative and doesn't try to kill people instead manipulating people for power.

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