Monday, 27 October 2014

Representation of disability

Disability stereotypes
  • Less able to function in some way
  • Not easily accepted
  • Difficult lives
  • Incapable of some everyday actions
  • Lonely
  • Different
  • Discriminated against
  • Unintelligent -disability holds them back
  • Vulnerable -cant defend themselves 
  • Left out as people don't like
Disability in TV drama
  • Breaking bad (Watt Jnr- cerebral palsy)
  • Glee (Artie- wheelchair)
  • Tracy Beaker (Layla- cerebral palsy)
  • Skins (JJ- panic attacks and autism)
  • Glee (Becky- down syndrome)
  • Skins (Tony- brain damage)
  • Ironside (Ironside- wheelchair)
Disability in film
  • Forest Gump (Oscar)
  • My name is Sam
  • My left foot (Oscar)
  • Spy kids
  • Daredevil
  • The ringer
  • Of mice and men
  • Rain man (Oscar)
  • My sister's keeper
  • Fight club
  • The king's speech
  • Avatar
Representation of disability in
  • Patronised
  • Frustrated
  • Bitter
  • Rude
  • Ungrateful
  • Embarrassed
  • Incurable disease
  • Focus is more on the able bodied brother

Example  of disability in TV

Alex- Wheelchair due to road accident
Eli- Narcoleptic

In this clip the characters of Alex and Eli are represented differently even though they both have a disability.

Alex is shown to be very strong willed and doesn't want help from anyone. when shopping with his brother there is shown to be more emphasis on the able bodied brother as he is shown at eye level and Alex is shown with a higher angle shot showing him to be lower than his brother. This suggests he is less able to function than his brother and that he is less accepted. He is shown to be quite grumpy and annoyed about his position and doesn't want his brothers help or sympathy. Although he is shown to be quite weak he has a strong personality and recognises his weakness.

Eli however is shown to be very weak. On the way to the café he falls 3 times due to his condition and ends up getting there after falling down a flight of stairs. He doesn't say anything when he is shown which suggests he is quite nervous and quiet and doesn't want to be noticed. In this sense he is a binary opposite to Alex as he doesn't want to be noticed whereas Alex doesn't mind making a scene. Also Alex seems to have some control over his situation whereas Eli doesn't as he collapses without any warning (down stairs, in the middle of the road).

Star trek: The Next Generation
Geordi Laforge- Blind

Another example of disability in TV is in Star Trek: The Next Generation where, even set in the future, blindness is still prominent. Geordi Laforge is blind and he uses a special visor to help him see. it doesn't let him see as we would but enables him to at least see. Geordi's character does not usually find it hard to continue normal life. He is able to see and the special vision his visor gives him helps him in some situations. Even though the visor can cause problems it has more good points than bad. Geordi is never shown as a weak character or below any of the other crew.

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