Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Iron Man 3 research

Pre production
Iron man 3 is a sequel that follows the first 2 Iron Man films and The Avengers and is directed by Shane Black. It is produced by 3 main studios, Marvel, Paramount and DMG Entertainment. Iron Man 3 had a budget of $200,000,000 ($200 million). Iron Man is played by Robert Downey Jr. which gives the film an A list star.

Iron Man was filmed mainly in the US in places in North Carolina, Florida and California. Some parts were also filmed in China. It was filmed in 2D but when production was completed it was adapted so it could be shown in 3D. Filming was halted from 15th of August to 24th of August because Robert Downey Jr. suffered an ankle injury. He returned to film in Florida on October 1st.

Over 2000 special effects were used in the making of Iron Man 3 and 17 different studios were involved in these special effects. Special effects were used to make things like the Iron Man suit and the Extremis characters. 3D was added to the final edit after filming. Re-shoots were required for scenes with the Mandarin as the producers didn't feel they were 'real' enough.

Lots of different marketing strategies were used for advertising Iron Man 3
  • At comic con in July 2012 Iron Man armour (mark XLII) from the film was displayed along with armour (Marks I-VII) from the first 2 iron man films and the avengers
  • Actors and others involved in the making of the film e.g. director and writer discussed making the film at comic con 2012
  • An official Facebook page was revealed
  • Disney (owns Marvel) promoted the film at its theme parks with exhibits and displays of the full Iron Man suits and pieces of them e.g. chest pieces and games to play
  • At the VIP screening in London the Audi R8 e-tron Tony Stark drives in the film was displayed
The film premiered at Le Grand Rex in Paris, April 14th 2013

This film follows the 4 rules well (Newsworthy budget, Spectacular visuals, NOT a comedy and having an A list star) as it has a huge budget ($200,000,000), had amazing visuals (the Iron Man suit, explosions and Extremis characters). it is not a comedy though there are some jokes and sarcasm to keep it light and entertaining and it includes an A list star (Robert Downey Jr.). Because it follows all 4 rules it was very successful and didn't lose money making over double back so gaining a large profit ($408,992,272)

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