Monday, 15 December 2014

Class and Status

Upper class
1. Arthur Pendragon - Merlin
Arthur Pendragon is the prince of Camelot and later becomes king. He is very rude and arrogant when first introduced but he soon becomes nicer and cares more about others.

2. Daniel Meade - Ugly Betty
Daniel Meade is the editor in chief of Mode magazine as his father owns the company. Daniel takes advantage of his class and status and uses it to get girls.
3. Queen Anne - Musketeers
As shown in this clip Queen Anne is very stereotypical of the higher class as she is married to King Louis XIII and has little useful skills such as cooking.
4. Mycroft Holmes - Sherlock
Mycroft Holmes has a high level job in the government and does follow the stereotype of upper class people. He has a very posh accent and good posture. He wears a suit most of the time and always carries an umbrella

5. Daenerys Targaryen - Game of thrones
Daenerys is the daughter of a king and one of the last survivors of the House of Targaryen

Middle class
1. Betty Suarez - Ugly Betty
Betty Suarez is Daniel Meade's assistant. She comes from a poor family background but managed to get a good job at a top magazine.
2. John Watson - Sherlock
John Watson is a retired soldier and has come back from fighting due to an injury and is now living in London with Sherlock Holmes.
3. Gaius - Merlin
Gaius is the court physician and is respected and looked up to by lots of people.

4. Henry  - Ugly Betty
Henry is an accountant who works in the same building as Betty. He has a good well paid office job and lives in an apartment in the city.
5. Captain Treville - Musketeers
Captain of the musketeers. Is of higher class than the musketeers and is close to the king but is not a royal.

Working class
1. Merlin - Merlin
Merlin is Prince Arthur's man servant. He does not have much respect for Arthur to begin with and stands up to him when he bullies a servant. He comes from a poor farming family and gets the job in the castle after saving Arthurs life.

2. Walter - Ugly Betty
Walter was Betty's boyfriend and has a low paid job in a ruff area of town.
3. Constance - Musketeers
Constance is the wife of a cloth merchant so does not have a huge amount of money to live on.

4. Homeless network - Sherlock
Sherlock uses the 'homeless network to help him get information for his cases. He pays them to help him.
5. Lommy Greenhands - Game of thrones
A dyers apprentice

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